Abbey’s Story


In September 2009, on Father's Day, our precious Abbeygael (Abbey) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. From this day, Abbey underwent a gruelling treatment journey of six years.

Her treatment was loaded with chemotherapy, drug trials, surgeries, blood transfusions, radiation. There were frustrations, pain, and countless stays away from home, at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne. But despite all of this, Abbey maintained a positive attitude and a strength unimaginable.


In March 2015, Abbey took on another trial drug, with hope that her bone marrow would enter into remission. After the second block of this trial, however, we were told the devastating news that our precious Abbey was terminally ill.

Abbey fought this horrendous disease bravely for a long 6 and half years. Everyone around her was amazed at how she would fight and the depths of her resilience. Abbey fought hard and courageously and an inspiration to us all - she still is.

Abbey so sadly earned her Angel wings on 12 October 2015, aged 9 years.


Our Abbey touched many lives. It was a special gift of hers, she could talk to anyone! As part of her many stays at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne she built many relationships; with her nurses, doctors, fellow warriors and special visitors.


Knowing Abbey, you would know that her wisdom was beyond her 9 years. She would often be the one giving others a comforting talk, or an understanding hug. She was the one sharing the most incredible insights and wisdoms, which intended to help her loved ones, and other patients on her ward, live their lives, not with fear, but with happiness, love and compassion.

She was the most special girl. We, her family and friends miss her everyday.


The A+ Abbey Solo Foundation was established in Abbey's name by her family and friends as part of our commitment to Abbey's dream of keeping families together at their most vulnerable time.


Abbey gave so much to others, let's give even just a little so that her dream is realised and her work continues.

Abbey's vision

Abbey knew from the experience of her own family that when a child is diagnosed with cancer everyone in the family faces a tough struggle. She had a dream of surrounding families with sensitive, practical help from the time of their diagnosis. Her vision was to offer assistance so flexibly that the particular needs of each family could be understood and respected. In particular she did not want the family members to be separated at a time when togetherness is so important. This vision is open to the possibility of starting with small steps, listening carefully to needs, and developing in ways that are open to new possibilities.


Already we can see that families would be helped if they could find accomodation at a reasonable distance from the hospital. They may also be helped with such things as MYKI cards, entertainment for other children in the family and various specific needs. We will do what we can so that families may stay together, and be close to the child who is the patient, during this difficult time. Resources will come from donations and events held to raise money.

Abbey's Journey

Foundation Launch June 2016

'Family is love. Every family has a story, everybody has a heart'

Abbey Solo

'Open your heart and let love in and you will find Peace' - Abbey Solo aged 9