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9 May 2024

Gratitude to Signora Claudia Moglia

elderly lady Signora Claudia Moglia sitting by a window

A Daughter's Tribute

Last week, we received a call from Elena Rhodes, inquiring about our work. It was her mother's wish to support a small foundation working with young children and their families. We're thrilled to acknowledge Claudia's $20,000 donation to our foundation. We are beyond grateful.

Here are Elena's words about her wonderful mother:

"Here she is! My lovely Mum, as I fondly remember her. Her name is Claudia Moglia, and she resided in Milano, Italy. Following her passing at the age of 101, we discovered a letter addressed to us, her daughters, in which she requested a donation in her name to a foundation or charity dedicated to helping children and families in need of support.


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