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Who We Help

Our foundation extends a helping hand to families facing the challenges of childhood cancer. We provide practical support, emotional comfort, and a sense of community to those navigating this difficult journey, ensuring that no family feels alone in their fight.

Supporting Children in Their Cancer Journey

The Abbey Solo Foundation is dedicated to supporting children on their cancer journey, providing a beacon of hope and comfort during their most challenging times.

We offer a range of services

Tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and their family, including financial assistance, emotional support, and access to essential resources. Our aim is to alleviate the burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis, allowing children to focus on their treatment and recovery.

Standing alongside

Standing alongside these brave young warriors and their families, we strive to make their journey a little brighter and filled with love and support.

smiling young child with nose tube at the hospital
Mother embracing her two young children
Family is love. Every family has a story, everybody has a heart

Abbey Solo, Forever 9

Young cancer patient surrounded by her loving family

Strengthening Families with Supportive Care

Committed to strengthening families with supportive care as they navigate the challenges of childhood cancer. We recognise the multifaceted needs of families during this time and offer a variety of assistance to ease their burden.

A+ Assistance

Examples of support have included assisting with costs of fuel and parking expenses for hospital visits by way of vouchers, providing nearby accommodation, assisting with grocery costs, and offering meal vouchers and other support that meets the needs of individual families.

In times of profound loss

We also extend our support to help with memorial arrangements. Our aim is to provide holistic care that addresses both the practical and emotional needs of families, fostering a community of support and resilience.

How We Help


We are the only foundation providing support for parking costs at Royal Children'sHospital. 

Family Together App

Enhances wellbeing of all family members by bringing togetherness through video calls, playing games together and collaboratively reading books in real time.


Relieves families of the stress of caring for themselves by providing pre-cooked frozen meals of their choice.

Memorial Arrangements

At times, we receive requests to assist with funeral costs for young ones who have gained their Angel’s Wings.


Assists families with increasing costs associated with travel to and from the hospital on regular basis.

Short Term Accommodation

Provides parents/carers a restful stay at Larwill Studio while being in close proximity to their child's hospital ward, especially while they are undergoing critical and acute treatments.


Allows families to purchase those things they need while in residence at Royal Children's Hospital during care.

In Need of Assistance?

Contact us to find out how the Abbey Solo Foundation can support you with practical aid and compassionate care.

Stories of Resilience


Discover stories of resilience and hope, showcasing the Abbey Solo Foundation's dedication to uplifting and supporting those in need.

Have a question, need some help, or would like to donate, we would love to hear from you.

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