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We always welcome individuals who are willing to organise their own fundraising events to help raise funds for the A+ Foundation. Whether it's a mufti day at school or work, where participants make a gold coin donation, or any other creative idea you have in mind, we would love to hear the details. Once you share the event details with us, we will promote it through our social media platforms, making it official and spreading the word far and wide

Help us reach more people

Your support doesn't stop there. We greatly appreciate your help in promoting our social media sites through your own networks. By sharing our posts, events, and merchandise, you can help us reach even more people and raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Homemade crafts and fairy house display at a fundraiser

Why We Love to Fundraise


It brings people together, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. They encourage collaboration and strengthen ties among individuals, local businesses, and organisations.


A great way to increase awareness about families facing childhood cancer. By engaging people, these events spread knowledge and educate the public, which can lead to greater support and advocacy.


Our primary goal is to raise money necessary to support A+ children and families. This funding is crucial for the Abbey Solo Foundation to continue the work, expand our reach, and improve our impact.


It empowers both the organisers and the attendees by giving them an active role in supporting the Abbey Solo Foundation . Involvement leads to a sense of accomplishment, and a drive to continue making a difference.

Our collective act of kindness can bring a glimmer of hope to those in need

Malia Silao, Mother of Abbey Solo

Upcoming Events & Promotions

Stay tuned for the exciting events and promotions on the horizon. From charity runs to fundraisers.

Alofa October 2024


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