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Abbey's Story

An Unbreakable Spirit

In September 2009, on a poignant Father's Day, our beloved Abbeygael, affectionately known as Abbey, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). This marked the beginning of a gruelling six year battle that included chemotherapy, drug trials, surgeries, blood transfusions, and radiation. Abbey's journey was filled with challenges, as she endured long stays at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, far from home. Despite the obstacles, Abbey faced each day with grace and courage.

In March 2015, Abbey embarked on a trial drug, hoping for remission. However, after the second round, we received heartbreaking news: Abbey was terminally ill.

An unbreakable Spirit - Abbey in RCH Jun 2012
Abbey Solo in bed cuddling a toy
Family is love. Every family has a story, everybody has a heart

Abbey Solo, Forever 9

For six and a half years

Abbey fought this horrendous disease with bravery beyond her years. Her tenacity and resilience left those around her in awe. Abbey's legacy lives on with this foundation, as a testament to her strength and serves as a guiding light for us all.

A remarkable gift

Abbey possessed the ability to touch the lives of those she encountered. During her stays at the RCH, she formed deep connections with her nurses, doctors, special visitors and especially the other children she met on the ward.  Abbey's wisdom surpassed her years. She offered comfort, understanding, and profound insights to her loved ones and fellow patients, encouraging them to embrace life with happiness, love, and compassion.​

An extraordinary young girl

Abbey and her absence is deeply felt by her family and friends each day. In her honour, the Abbey Solo Foundation was established, driven by a commitment to fulfil Abbey's dream of keeping families together during their most vulnerable times.​

Abbey gave so much to others

It is our collective responsibility to carry her dream forward. Let us join hands, no matter how small our contribution and ensure that her vision remains a reality.  Together, we can make a meaningful difference and continue the invaluable work that Abbey started. #givingtogetherness

Abbey's Vision

Empowering Families Through Compassionate Support

Abbey sitting up in bed smiling and waving with pink roas sai in her ear with her two tedd

Abbey touched lives profoundly during her time at the RCH, forming deep connections with nurses, doctors, and fellow patients. Her wisdom and compassion inspired all who knew her, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

Abbey's absence is deeply felt by her family and friends every day. In her honor, the Abbey Solo Foundation was established, dedicated to keeping families together during their most vulnerable times.

Abbey's selflessness continues to inspire us. Let's unite to fulfill her vision, no matter how small our contribution. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and carry on Abbey's invaluable work. #givingtogetherness

Open your heart and let love in and you will find peace

Abbey Solo, Forever 9

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