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Partner with us


The Abbey Solo Foundation's corporate partnerships offer numerous ways for your company or brand to engage, show support, and connect with customers, clients, and employees. Contact us to explore how a partnership with the Abbey Solo Foundation can make a meaningful difference and benefit your business.


We can bring hope, comfort, and strength to families. Stand with us as Abbey would often say, 'Let’s kick cancer’s butt to the sun and BURN IT.'

Forming a partnership

Can be a wonderful opportunity for your organisation.Together, we can create a brighter future for these brave families.

charity and corporate partner leaders standing together

Explore the Benefits


Becoming a sponsor at our events is a fantastic opportunity to amplify your community engagement stories and impact.


Engaging your team in nonprofit activities to tackle new challenges and grow, enriching their skills and broadening their perspectives.


Inspire creativity and efficiency through working with our tight budget operations, translating into better services for your customers.


Fosters goodwill, your reputation for integrity, and reflecting your commitment to generosity and community values.


Giving back as an organisation can elevate your team's health and spirit.

We are so pleased to be involved,
It is an honour

Damien, Grafico Group & Corporate Partner

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