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Our Principles

They define who we are and guide everything we do. Compassion, Generosity and Integrity shape our approach to providing support and making a positive difference in the lives of families facing childhood cancer.

Core Values

Our key values that stand out for the Abbey Solo Foundation:


Demonstrating a deep understanding and empathy for families battling childhood cancer, providing support and assistance to alleviate their financial and emotional burdens.


Going above and beyond to help families in need, with the founders, board members, volunteers and sponsors selflessly contributing their time, resources, and financial support to make a positive impact.


Dedicated to honoring Abbeygeal Solo's memory, we work tirelessly to achieve the foundation's long-term goal of providing a supportive environment for children undergoing cancer treatment.


We will be turning 10 with much to celebrate.  Stay tuned to see what we have in store!


Abbey gains her Angels Wings on October 12 and soon after, the Abbey Solo Foundation is born. We meet for the very first time around Abbey's resting place to talk about fulfilling her dream of helping others facing childhood cancer.

Our foundation is officially launched with a community event on June 7 at Kensington Townhall. The beginning of our official journey as a not-for-ptofit organsitaion, dedicated to Abbey's vision and to supporting families living with childhood cancer.


The very first A+ Abbey Solo Foundation Gala is celebrated on June 17 at Peninsular C at Docklands.

Inaugural T20 cricket match marking the start of an incredible partnership with VicPolice cricket team and Sunshine Heights Cricket Club, which continues to thrive each year.


Back to Peninsular C for A Night On The Island, our 2nd gala. Solo, Malia, Jasmine and Joshua embark on their first Grief Walk in October to recognise their grief and determination to honour Abbey's vision of helping others.

COVID 19 hits everyone hard, yet we continue to support vulnerable families at RCH through the year with food and fuel support and accommodation at the Larwill Studio Apartments.


AbSTAR Ambassadors is launched, seeking school communities to join up and explore the effects of childhood cancer on young ones and their families and to raise important funds for the foundation.

We've gifted over $70,000 to families. Solo, Malia, Jasmine, and Joshua are taking their Grief Walk to New Zealand to be with family. Thanks to the Harold Mitchell Foundation and Freemasons Victoria for their generous grants of $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.


Over $100,000 gifted to families. AbSTAR Youth Committee forms, kids aiding kids. Successful debut event, Spring Market on October 1. Jenny Scanlon named Abbey's Hero. Grateful for grants: Harold Mitchell Foundation $9925, Stepping Stones $5000, Graficco $5000.

Fourth annual T20 Cricket match won by VicPolice for the first time.

We continue the tradition of regular sauasge sizzles with support from Ralph's Meat and University Meat. Thanks to our generous volunteers and to Bunnings for making these  important fundraising events possible.



Hover over the hearts to travel through the years, celebrating the moments that made us who we are today.


Gain insight into our financial stewardship. Transparency and accountability are paramount as we ensure that every donation is used effectively to support our mission and the families we serve.

pie chart of the distribution of funds received

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